There is nothing quite like tournament play at an online casino, because of the ability to interface with multiple players from all around the world, to compete in your favorite games such as various video slots, poker games, specialty games and tournament challenges. We will go through a selection of some of the most popular options that you will find when you enter the tournament play. Of course, since there's a cash pot prize at the end, you will have to download the casino software and register a new account in order to participate.

The Blackjack in the Tournament Section!

This amounts to the euro FreeRoll Blackjack Challenge, which makes every single blackjack game at Grand Eagle Mobile Casino open to play for chance of the prize pool. It is almost always available, and finally closes its virtual doors 11 hours after the first start; it begins again soon after a short downtime prescribed by the particular casino.

The prize pool is a cool $150, and it costs just $25 to enter - this entry fee is to ensure that all players are legitimate and committed, and not just in it to mess around and dilute the pool of serious blackjack aficionados. Additionally, do not forget that there's a healthy welcome offer of $300 on your very first deposit using the bonus code FLYHIGH; not to mention all the promotions to come once you become a member. As this bonus code is just a taste of things to come, you should expect more bonuses in your casino email accounts after you signed up.

Tournament Slots - Runaway Train

If you are itching to play a tournament slot, then Run away capturing Online Video Slot is the one for you. It was conceived in the software engineering vault of casino games programmer company Saucify, and aptly masquerades as a 3 real, 5 pay line classic. With a choice selection of symbols on the reels which includes your childhood choo-choo train, a train caboose full of gold, gold bars, and the red number 7, you will be comfortable playing this classic with the recognizable icons.

The minimum bet is 0.01 credits in the maximum bet is 5 credits for those real money players. Keep in mind however, that this is also a free classic slot - which means you're not obligated to play using any cash. However, since Runaway Training Slots feature strongly in the tournament section of Grand Eagle Mobile Casino, you will of course have to put up some cash in order to enter it in this capacity. This game runs hot and heavy with a three train line up on the first line leading to a winner 1000 credits. This is just a taste, as the maximum wind is 5000 credits - not including the prize pot for the ultimate winner in the tournament play.

Blackjack Games in the Grand Eagle Casino Tournament

What would a casino tournament be without the availability of the world's most popular table game in blackjack (although poker, of course, is virtually right next to it in popularity)? Not much, to answer our own question. This is why Grand Eagle Casino has every single blackjack game available in the tournament section. The entry fee for this is $25 and it covers each and every game. It ends six days after it begins in the prize pool is $150. For specifics, the official name of this one is the Euro FreeRoll Blackjack Challenge.

Inside, you will get to experience the high stakes of Atlantic City blackjack, European blackjack, single deck blackjack, and Vegas strip blackjack. If you consider yourself a seasoned veteran, then you can up the ante and try the elite edition of Atlantic City blackjack, the elite addition of European blackjack, the elite addition of single deck blackjack, or the elite addition of Vegas strip like Jack. How much you win or lose is in your hands - the entry fee is modest, and the prize pool is considerable.

Yet Another Slots Tournament in Digging for Dinosaurs!

One of the first things you'll notice about Digging for Dinosaurs Slots is the realistic texture of the Paleolithic rocks that serve as the reels to hold the symbols. The graphics are so crisp and pristine that it looks like a live action archaeological dig with the remains of trilobites and conch shells emblazoned on the rocky reels. It takes place in none other than the great state of Colorado, which rewards you for finding the long dead dinosaurs that succumbed to a giant rock moving at superspeed when it struck what is the modern-day Yucatán Peninsula 65 million years ago and created the Cretaceous Tertiary event.

This awesome and compact Bet Soft video slot has five reels and nine pay lines, and although it is not a progressive jackpot holder, you can still put down a maximum bet of $11.25 for a max payouts that can total X times 8000. Use the in game wild and scatter symbols to reach the bonus game and improve your payouts when you played in the tournament section - remember, there's also the free spins to concern yourself with on the road towards your shot at the tournament prize pool.

Lucky Leprechauns Slot in the Tournament Section

Irish themes are always a smash hit when they appear in a video slot in the online space. Perhaps this is because of the esoteric and candid demeanor of the leprechauns and magical fauna that slip from their kingdom into the earthly realm. Slot maker Saucify has conjured a five reel, 40 pay line video slot named Lucky Leprechauns that is very much in the Irish spirit. It has got a slew of eminently recognizable icons such as the four leaf clover, a golden harp, an Irish fiddler and more. A most sizzling animation consists of a leprechaun in a green top hat walking across the reels to induce Wild symbols at random. Remember, as is the case with all slots, the wild symbol substitute in to help you create a winning pay line.

This slot appears especially crisp on a mobile screen, since the resolution is high and the screen size is low. There are of course the playing card symbols from the table game poker, which serve as the lowest paying symbols for five of a kind, four of a kind, three of a kind, and so on. Here's just a taste of what you can win: if you get five of a kind of the pot of gold, then a whopping 7000 coins is the prize. This is in addition to the endgame prize pot in the tournament section of Grand Eagle Casino. It's worth a shot, and you're invited to download and enter the competitive arena today.

Monkey Business Slots at Grand Eagle Casino

Monkey Business Slots is another grand title in the tournament section that draws plenty of players every time it's on. It has five reels and 20 pay lines, and also sports bonus rounds, free spins, a scatter symbol and the wild symbol. It is by none other than Saucify. The symbols consist of a gorilla stockbroker, a money hungry baboon, a monkey cook, a monkey business man, a mandrill monkey doctor and more. Although the scatter and bonuses pay and always, the other symbols only pay in the left to right direction.

The wild symbol is a gorilla stockbroker and he can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter pay packet and the bonus icon city chimpanzee. The money hungry baboon is the highest paying symbol, and five of a kind get you 500 credits, four of a kind get you only 60 credits, three of a kind 20 credits, and to of a kind just two credits. The value of the other symbols are on the in game pay table, which you should reference frequently to see how much you can win and add to your hundred and $150 prize pool for the tournament play - should you be so lucky. It costs $25 to enter.

Powerball Keno Tournaments

Powerball Keno is another winner from Saucify; it is a featured event in the tournament play at Grand Eagle Casino. Rules of this elites version of the regular specialty game Keno differs a little bit; in particular, the final number that you drawn in Powerball Keno functions as the Powerball itself if it is identical to any of the numbers you chose at the start of the game. Additionally, whenever you doing, when the sum total is tallied, can be multiplied by a factor of 4 to really spruce up your winnings - especially when playing cash might be an issue for you.

In case you haven't ever tried your hand at Keno, the rules of the game consist of picking a quantity of numbers between two and 10 and then selecting the number of points you want to place down as a bet. Once you click "Play", then the computer will generate 20 random numbers; the numbers that match your picks will display a yellow (usually) highlight. There's a pay table on the right-hand side of the board which will then display what you have one based on the number of numbers that show up at random and match your selections.

Tournament plays one of the many joys of gaming at Grand Eagle Casino; its virtual doors are always open, so either use the website only to play the instant play options, or download the casino software to obtain your entry into the potentially lucrative tournaments. The choice is yours.