Grand Eagle Mobile Casino is definitely one of those places where you can play casino games while taking advantage of the generous promotions that the house has to offer. They start things off the right way with a 100% Welcome Bonus on deposit amounts up to $300. You can claim it by clicking the button right next to mighty Poseidon with his golden trident on the landing page. If you're already a member, you cannot use this welcome bonus twice; however, there are plenty more promotions what you make your way into the casino lobby.

Chakras Promotion

As if winning combinations weren't enough to whet your appetite, there is a new slot called Chakras Slots on which you can receive a bonanza of 20 free spins from the casino house. The code used to activate this is CROWNCHAKRA. Although the name might sound unfamiliar, it is quite well-known in the Hindu religion as an arbiter of ancient wisdom and custom. It is, effectively, an ode to the essential combination of body, spirit, and mind. Although it usually takes years of study to fully understand this, there are a total of seven Chakras that are intended to guide you to the ultimate goal of full enlightenment.

As far as the casino slot is concerned, however, the benefits are much more tied to the material realm. In addition to the aforementioned free spins, there's a feature game called Ascension which can deliver a seven free spin multiplier, an extra 36 free spins in addition to the initial 20, a so-called double high wild symbol that multiplies your winnings by a factor of two, and a whopping 101,250 credits for the win. Now that's a promotion that you can sink your teeth into!

Daily Offers

The good thing - one of them, anyway - about Grand Eagle Mobile Casino is that there are bonuses and promotions available for any of the many games you choose to play. You can stop by and try your best table games, or spin your best slots to your hearts content, or even spend a little bit on specialty games; it doesn't matter. It is quite possible to receive up to $4150 every single week with the daily offers promotion.

Most of these are in the form of match bonuses that vary from seventy percent to 100% up to certain values. The associated bonus codes are on the Grand Eagle Casino websites; and can reward you with percentages of deposit amounts totaling as high as $900 or as low as $200 for the minimum. Even more fantastically, several of these bonus codes allow you to claim the promotion twice.

Promotions by Way of Progressive Slots

Grand Mobile has everything you wish and a slot based casino. This includes a handful of progressive Slots that possess huge jackpots unique to this particular casino. In fact, the progressives are so important that they demand their own menu on the landing page - so that you can select it and head here straightaway. These slots are Molten Moolah, Cash Flow, Rocket Jacks Video Poker, Dream Wheel, and the fabled King Arthur's Legends of Avalon. You'll find that there are Wild symbols, Scatters, Free Spins, Multipliers and more once you start playing them all.

When you add to these wonderful promotions the $300 you got for free just for signing up, you realize that you are well-positioned to have a grand time at Grand Eagle Mobile Casino. The actual bonus code to tap into the match bonus is FLYHIGH; then, the 100% on the deposit is all yours to spend as you choose. Download the casino software and don't be left out.