Dim Sum Prize Slots

Dim Sum Prize Slots is a fabulous new slot online game, it is one that the masses are flocking to recently to see what the fuss is about. Here we are going to uncover the ins and outs of the game and help you decide if it’d the one for you to play next. Asian cuisine has always attracted those of other cultures such as Europeans with its wonderful aromas of noodles and seafood. The Dim Sum Prize slots will give you the opportunity to taste rice balls, miso soup and other Asian specialties. Try to collect three coupons and have a delightful aromatic jasmine tea for dessert.

Must Know Attributes of Dim Sum Prize Slots

The great theme of the game holds lots of excitement to it. The screen is an old asian kitchen with pots and pans and food cooking. The animations are of high quality overall the visual style is very pleasant and impresses players with the variety of its elements. The collection of symbols all work really well with the games theme and stay on brand as they are a collection of the main dishes of Asian cuisine. There are also the all important bonus symbols in the form of jasmine tea pots, bonus coupons, rice cakes with meat.

Must Know Features of Dim Sum Prize Slots

There are fantastic features in this online slot game. It is played on a 5 by 3 layout with 10 ways to play. Players can enter with bets ranging from a minimum of 0.05 to a max of 20, providing a wide range of bets that will be suitable to both high-profile gamblers and casual less risky gamblers is always a good sign. The winning chances are decent with an RTP of 97.18%. You are able to win 377.6 times your stake.

To Sum It All Up

This slot game as you can see offers a lot for its players, both the high rollers and the low. There are classic things on offer such as the standard layout and well the asian theme has been done before. However, there is a twist to the game, all of the small details in the game are what makes it that bit different. So if you have been looking for an original slot game to play then this is the one for you. So why not give it a go today, you wont regret it.